Attaching the cables (1:220/1:700scales)

How to attach outreach lifting cables 

(The outreach cannot be raised on the model, the cables are purely aesthetic)

The model allows for the attachment of the cables that raise and lower the horizontal outreach. The pulleys, around which the cables wind, have a small hole through which a cotton thread, or similar, can be threaded. Nylon thread is stronger and smoother than ordinary cotton thread.

The cables can be fed through the pulleys at the top of the crane and then through the corresponding pulleys on the horizontal outreach. Pull the thread tight, tie a knot and cut off the excess. Knots can be hidden behind the pulleys. 

First, attach the shorter of the forward facing cables, as shown in the image below.

Next, attach the longer of the forward facing cables.

When all four forward facing cables are in place, you can attach the two rear facing cables.