Attaching the spreader

Cut a piece of thread to 45cm in length. Nylon thread is preferable as it is stronger and smoother than regular cotton thread. Tie the end of the thread to one side of the front gear, using a double knot, and cut off the excess.

Repeat the process until all four threads are tied on, as shown in the image above.

Place the spreader on a flat platform about 1cm tall.

Pull the front left thread under the inside of the front left  pulley wheel of the spreader. Take the thread up the outside of the pulley wheel and back up to the trolley.

Tie the thread through the corresponding anchor point on the trolley, making sure you keep the thread taut. You will probably need some tape or another pair of hands to keep the spreader in place while doing this. Tie a double knot and cut off the excess.

Repeat this for all four cables.

Find or create a level platform about 13cm tall. 

Carefully raise the spreader by turning the gears on the trolley until it will sit on top of the platform. Another pair of hands may again be useful to hold under the spreader as it is raised.

Tie a length of thread 25cm long to the side of one of the cables, as shown above.

Take hold of this thread and raise the spreader a short distance above the platform. Whilst keeping the spreader slightly raised, remove the platform and carefully lower the spreader until it is fully lowered.